Auto wrecking, repair and scrap yards face many security challenges with theft and damage.

Some of these yards host a variety of blind spots and dark corners that can be tough to secure properly. It’s a desirable target for theft since it’s impossible to be everywhere at once and many items, large and small, hold value.

Not too long ago I visited a yard whose owners mentioned they had a car stolen off the lot just the morning before I arrived. They were frustrated since they already had an existing system in place and it wasn’t the first time this has happened.

Bottom line, the outdated and bare boned system they had opted for failed their expectations miserably and it was costly mistake.

With no fencing around the rear of the property, and with it being an industrial area, these thefts could have easily been disguised and unfortunately for them, were undocumented.

Really, what‘s the use of having a system if it’s not going to work for you? There are a few key questions you’ll want to have the answers to when considering what king of system is going to meet your needs:

  • What kind of evidence are you looking to obtain in the event of a theft or damage?

  • Are you looking for ID shots, clear video feeds, night coverage, perimeter security, remote capabilities, basic observation or full coverage?

  • There are options to integrate your alarm and intrusion system with your video cameras as well so they are all on one platform, making life even easier! Is that something that makes sense for you?

Remember to assess your system on the quality, rather than focusing on getting the best “deal”. Risking quality just might cost you more in the end. Invest in a security system that makes sense and one that will grow with you and your business.

Know what you want, choose a reputable brand and work with a company that takes the time to educate you on what’s out there before making such an important decision.

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