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Cages Vaults and Safes

At Tri West Integrated Solutions, we offer a wide range of burglary and fire resistant safes, vaults, and physical security equipment. We strive to exceed our client’s expectations and provide products that use the latest in advanced technology and quality standards that are proven and tested in the industry with Cages Vaults and Safes.

Through our partnership with International Vault, each of our vaults and cages exceed all government and insurance regulations. Some of the markets that utilize our high-secure UL/ULC Cages Vaults and Safes include but are not limited to:

  • Banks

  • Financial services

  • High-secure storage and holding facilities

  • Pharmacies

  • Pharmaceutical facilities

  • Medical and Recreationally Licensed Marijuana Production Facilities

  • Medical and Recreationally Licensed Marijuana Dispensaries

  • Laboratories

  • Medical Clinics and offices

  • Jewelry retail stores

  • Precious metal distribution or retail businesses

  • Retail businesses

  • Firearm and munitions businesses

  • Restaurants

  • Various entertainment businesses

  • Homeowners

Vaults: Protect your valuables using our state-of-the-art vaults. Whether you want to keep your important documents, expensive jewelry, money or controlled substances safe, we have a solution that will exceed your requirements. We have a wide-range of vaults for sale that are well-suited for the most unique and demanding environments. If you desire, we can create a custom vault solution precisely for your needs and requirements. We guarantee that this custom vault solution will keep your valuables secured with the latest in electronic security systems.

Cages: Our cages help provide an added level of security to protect your most valuable possessions. Our cages for sale are a cost-effective solution for a wide variety of warehouse, industrial, dispensary, and commercial applications. Let our cages help you protect your valuable inventory and enhance your businesses safety by limiting access to sensitive inventory, tools, and areas.

Safes: At Tri West Integrated Solutions, we only sell top-of-the-line safes that can protect your valuables, no matter the size or shape. Whether you’re protecting valuable documents, firearms, valuable jewelry, controlled substances of any kind, or money, our UL/ULC safes for sale are designed to the highest quality standards so that you have the peace of mind that your valuables are well protected.

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